About Us

Black Ubuntu Technologies is a social impact technology company

We are a technology company that believes in putting science at the service of humanity, we aim to make tertiary education accessible and more affordable for students in Africa. Black Ubuntu technologies goes beyond academic solutions, we have a track record of using technology to improve access to education, and our learning methodologies help young people uncover their unique gifts and equip them to discover and achieve their purpose in life.

Black Ubuntu Technologies (known as BU, which signifies the inner-self calling for authenticity to “Be you”) is the evolution of The Student Hub. Where The Student Hub was an educational platform that makes tertiary education accessible to students across South Africa, BU will go beyond those offerings, adding technology for employers and educational institutions to improve job placement, ongoing skills assessments or training, and student funding.

Make our values a part of your educational journey:

Be good      Serve others      Be who you are meant to be

Africa’s unemployment crisis, solved.

Our goal is to build technology that makes the ecosystem work.
This is why we offer a range of technology and services to educational institutions, employers and other stakeholders in the education sector that contributes to the holistic success of students.


Educational Institutions

Black Ubuntu Technologies has developed the Kemet learning platform to address a myriad of challenges affecting academic performance.

The platform employs data-driven personalised learning to counter poor academic performance, allowing lecturers to better understand each student’s progress and tailor their interventions for improved outcomes. The real-time tracking system in Kemet ensures no delay in intervention, identifying struggling students swiftly and facilitating targeted assistance that prevents them from falling behind.

Student Support:

Black Ubuntu Nation

We are proud to introduce Black Ubuntu Nation, a transformative and progressive educational programme that promotes a learning ecosystem that encourages peer-to-peer learning, community involvement, mentorship, and academic excellence. In an era marked by rapid technological advancements, this model surpasses traditional tutoring methods by providing personalised, engaging, and culturally rich learning experiences.


Integrated Opportunity Portal for employers

Black Ubuntu Technologies will operate a free employment platform that matches students with jobs based on their validated skills, providing employers proof of a graduate’s abilities. By collecting data throughout a student’s learning journey, BU offers a comprehensive view of learners and connects them with employers requiring their specific skill sets. With automated logbooks for TVET internships, BU verifies learners’ workplace experience and achievements, enabling better prediction of a student’s job performance. This platform simplifies the recruitment process by providing instant access to a pool of vetted candidates.

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